I'm Megan

Photography played an important role in my life much before I even realized. When I was two years old, my dad unexpectedly passed away. I grew older imagining what life would be like with him here and clinging to the albums and albums of photos my mom had made for us. Those photos were my heart, my safety, my dreams, and my soul. I saw what life was like when I was too young for the memories to etch their way into my mind. I was reminded of the moments that were barely hanging on by a thread, almost left behind in my childhood blankets. But most importantly, I saw our family, just as we were in thousands and thousands of moments. In our 1998 photo album, there is a single image of me, smiling ear to ear. I am four. You cannot see my eyes because they are covered by a film camera. Silly as It sounds, "I was meant for this", I thought.

Fast forward to 2021, a box of old tapes are discovered in my moms attic. Some labeled as far back as 1989. I took the tapes, learned how to convert them to digital myself, and uncovered yet even more moments to cling onto. At 27 years old, I heard my dad's voice for the very first time. I heard him laugh with us, call our names, and most importantly I got a glimpse into his personality. I now know who I sneeze like, smile like, and walk like. And I only know these things because our family moments were documented. Maybe I wasn't exactly destined to be a photographer, but this is exactly where my passion lies.